Trains in Netherlands now run 100% on energy derived from Wind

As if that wasn’t impressive enough, Netherlands completed its targets a year earlier than planned.

The Netherlands has been a pioneer in harnessing the power of water and the wind to saw timber and produce oil for centuries.

The country has now upgraded its bio harvesting capabilities by harvesting win energy to rain all of its electric trains.

Two years ago, Dutch railways network (NS) signed a contract with Eneco to harvest wind energy to run its electric trains. The tenure of the contract is 10 years.

The contract states that the country’s entire electric trains will be powered by wind generated energy by 2018. In a shining example of Dutch efficiency, they had reached that objective a year ahead than it was planned.

Brightvibes has reported that all of Netherlands’s electric trains make 5,500 trips per day to shuttle 600,000 people back and fro to their destination. These trips use up to 1.2 billion kWh of energy per year. This energy can be used to power all households in Amsterdam for the same period.

Current technology standards for wind turbines allow them to generate enough power such that a train can run for 120 miles. NS is now looking to upgrade that and increase the efficiency by 35% before 2020, such that trains will be able to cover longer distances using significantly less amounts of energy.


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