Whirlpool’s Zera Food Recycler can take the pain and the stink out of making fertilizer out of food scraps

Turning food scraps into rich fertiliser ready for your lawn/garden has never been this easy.

Although many municipalities in the United States, including, New York, San Francisco, Portland, etc have composting services, the majority of our states do not enjoy this luxury.

Most folks still compost their unwanted, left-over food the old-way: put them in a composter, add manure and keep it moist ever so often and turning it on every now and then so that it doesn’t rot.

Whirlpool’s Zera Food Recycler aims to provide a stink-free and a non-labour intensive solution. All you have got to do is dump your food scraps into it and this new kitchen appliance will turn your food scraps into fertilizer without you have to worry about it.

The process is very simple: plugin the machine, throw your scraps of food into the chute (other than bones and pits since the current iteration of the machine’s blade cant chop them up), and that’s it.

Whirlpool’s designers have taken care so that the height of the appliance is that of the counter, so you could sweep all your leftover scraps in one big swoop.

Make sure that your machine has a carbon filter installed (to reduce odor) and you could also add plant-based additives, made out of coconut husk and baking soda, to assist in the breakdown of your scraps.

Keep adding scraps for about a week, and the machine, through a combination of heat, oxygen, moisture and an agitator will churn out freshly made fertilizer ideal for your garden or lawn.

Naturally Whirlpool has designed a mobile app for it, after all every smart appliance has to have a companion through which you could access and operate it remotely.

All good things command a certain price. The Zera Food Recycler demands that you shell out $1,199 for it. Expect to snag one at select retailers such a Williams-Sonoma or the TreeHouse later this year.

If you are smart, you could acquire one for a more reasonable price of $699. Do note, the offer comes with a ticking clock: it’s for a limited time only.

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