Amazon’s payment gateway key to Amazon Commerce Services

Amazon next big lucrative idea is its ACS.

In a strategic move, is all set to open its mobile app to its competitors. The Information has reported the world’s largest online retailer will launch a “place cards” service that other stores, can use for newsletters and such similar stuff.

Turns out, that the place cards service is a small part of Amazon’s bigger undertaking called Amazon Commerce Services.

Amazon’s idea is to funnel the purchases made by its competitors through its app seamlessly and ubiquitously. Clicking on a link in the place card takes you to a site that looks like Amazon’s app. In fact the site is part and parcel of Amazon’s app.

Clearly Amazon is trying to entice the competition from not using any services other than its own Amazon Payments. aims to take a small cut for every transaction made through its payment gateway. The idea has potential and is certainly very lucrative for Amazon, if it takes off.

Although plenty of consumers have signed up for Amazon’s app, big retailers and companies are yet to sign up in big numbers. Amazon will now have to convince them to sign up.

According to an executive from Macy’s, it all “depends on who gets the customer data. If Amazon takes any of our data, it’s a no. We have to watch out for that.”

Other retailers, including Target, Walmart are likely to share this sentiment.

Amazon’s service is supposedly still in the early stages of its development, so rivals still have some time on their hands.


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