Garmin’s Drive is the smart GPS navigation system you have been waiting for

Garmin has put considerable design capability into the Drive family of products. With price tags ranging from $150-$330, Garmin’s Drive will is one essential gadget for your car when you hit the road.

Regardless of whether you are out on the open road zipping by, or whether you are stuck in traffic, or not, a navigation system has become an essential necessity in our must have list of gadgets.

Garmin has well understood that requirement and in its latest iteration of its offerings, it has launched its Drive GPS navigation systems, with a host of features including that of live updates and easy to follow directions in the hope of making driving a lot safer.

Garmin’s Drive, will now alert you on upcoming sharp curves, red light cameras and even train crossings. In order to simplify navigation, Garmin has also added Real Directions – a feature which allows consumers to add contextual notes, such as landmarks.

Garmin’s Live Track feature allows drivers to share their vehicle’s location with friends and family.

You can also pair Drive to your smartphone via Bluetooth, in which case, Drive will provide you with live traffic and parking data so that you can get to your destination and park your vehicle safely.

In order to get back drivers to their parked cars safely without them having to search for garages, the Drive has a Watch Link app which can connect to a wearable device via Bluetooth.

As you might imagine, all of these connected features are going to be a data hog. Garmin has thus enabled the Drive to connect to your home WiFi so that you can quickly download those heavy maps and software updates and keep your 4G data to a minimum.

Garmin has also provided a hands free functionality to the Drive by enabling it to process call and text messages. This can be done if you connect it to your smartphone through Bluetooth.

Building on this functionality, the Drive Assist also has a dash camera system which can record to a microSD card. The camera will not capture traffic data, but will also warn you of forward collisions and provide you with lane departure warnings.

Garmin has created various product categories for the Drive whose price tag ranges from a modest $150 to a more expensive $330.

The Drive is expected to hit the market in February 2017.


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