Tesla’s Autopilot 8.0 can see two cars ahead

In a real-world scenario, a Model X installed with Autopilot 8.0 which had the system turned on, avoided a high speed car crash saving itself as well as its occupant. Check out the link to see the original video for yourself.

Although the EV’s luxury segment is getting crowded and hot with car manufacturing companies trying to outdo each other while trying to match up to Tesla’s offerings, Tesla seems to be one step ahead.

Tesla has now added a brilliant feature in its Autopilot 8.0: the car’s software can now use radar to track vehicular activity two cars ahead and thus avoid potential dangers that aren’t even evident from happening.

Turns out this isn’t just marketing that is talking, it’s actually a reality.

According to the dashcam footage of Frank van Hoesel’s Model X, the car reacted to a highway mishap before it even started.

The above video (in the link) shows Tesla’s Model X’s Forward Collision Warning system starting to apply the brakes after it detected that the two SUV ahead of it, came to an abrupt stop. Even Van Hoesel, the driver, was unware of the crash ahead.

As a result of the Tesla’s Autopilot 8.0’s actions, Van Hoesel’s car along with him have remained untouched/unscratched.

Without this foresight, any other car could have potentially contributed to a pile-up.

No other car manufacturer has such a modern collision detection and avoidance system as foolproof as Tesla’s Autopilot 8.0, so far. However, there is a good reason why Tesla still wants you to be at the wheels at a moment’s notice. There have been instances of the Autopilot system being turned off, and Tesla blamed for the resulting crash.

Its instances such as this, which lend support to advocates for self-driving technology.

Its far better to drive or be driven safely than end up in a pile of twisted metal.


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