Amazon’s patent reveals its vision of giant flying warehouses serviced by a fleet of drones

While the flying warehouses will carry Amazon’s goodies, smaller drones will shuttle up and down to service consumers as well as for restocking purposes.

Amazon’s flying ambitions doesn’t just stop with drone deliveries, the world’s largest online retailer has dreams of launching big floating warehouses close to crowded areas and happenings, like sporting events.

While flying contraptions that deliver people’s purchases to their homes is one things, giant floating warehouses that hover around convenient locations, is a totally different ballgame.

According to a patent filing with the USPTO, Amazon dreams of launching blimp-like structures, which are aptly referred by it as “airborne fulfillment centers”.

According to Amazon’s vision, these giant drones, which are essentially floating warehouses, will carry food and memorabilia, and will feature billboards for advertising purposes. These will be deployed at championships, music festivals and such similar crowded events.

In order to reduce the work done by these giant floating warehouses, Amazon will deploy shuttles which will lower the goods and deliver them to the ground; the shuttles will also be used to resupply the floating warehouses.

These flying giants will be able to communicate with one another and will be able to relay data, including, altitude and wind speeds.

Additionally they will also have the capability to communicate with a command centre with remote computing resources which will be in charge of inventory levels for a given number of flying warehouses.

Although it’s just a patent, at this point of time, if Amazon can get its drone technology going, its ideas could be made realisable in the near future.

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