Oculus acquires The Eye Tribe for an undisclosed amount

This smart investment could give Oculus products an edge since the eye-tracking is the next big challenge in the VR landscape.

Turns out Google isn’t the only company interested in the future of eye-tracking for virtual reality, Oculus VR is also very much interested.

The Facebook-backed company has now confirmed that it has recently acquired The Eye Tribe, a Danish tech startup best known for its Software Development kit that brings gaze-based tech to tablets, smartphones and personal computers.

The technology now will most probably be on VR headsets too.

Although Oculus was only too happy to confirm its acquisition of The Eye Tribe, it however is keeping the significant details under wraps.

Nevertheless, given the fact that The Eye Tribe has been working on a new rendering engine which boosts VR performance of only that portion which the user is directly looking at, the aim of the acquisition seems obvious.

Eye tracking appears to be the next big challenge for VR, so an investment in that area is a smart choice. Knowing where a player is looking could significantly boost the feeling of immersion and reduce bottlenecks and perhaps even diminish the feeling of simulator sickness.


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