December 30 is Amazon’s Digital Day

Be prepared for discounts of upto 50% on digital downloads, which range from e-books, music, games, comics, movies, videos, etc

Although many have termed Amazon’s Prime Day as an excuse to clear out slow-moving products, it however, clearly is a huge success.

Amazon, the world’s largest internet retailer, is now aiming to repeat that success through online-only sales.

On December 30 at 3AM Eastern time, Amazon will be launching its Digital Day sales with upto 50% discounts on apps, games, e-books, music and movies.

Although the extent of the bargains isn’t clear, yet, it has already started testing a few items on sale.

Be ready to snag games such as Titanfall 2, Destiny: Rise of IronRocket League, video tiles, productivity apps, mobile titles, Amazon music and comic books.

The sales will last just 24 hours.

Do note that many products, including digital game codes, will not be available to countries other than the U.S. In that respect this entire exercise is U.S-centric.

The move is a logical conclusion to the holiday sales: with many consumers receiving gifts in the form of gadgets over the holidays, giving them a well-timed downloads sales could allow them to splurge right away on Amazon’s digital offerings.

If this were to become successful, don’t be surprised if Amazon’s Digital Day becomes a yearly event.


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