The impending death of manual transmission in the automotive industry

While automatic transmission will dumb down the driving experience, vehicles with manual gears are likely to be prized by connoisseurs for their ability for precision-enabled power driving.

The vast majority of cars have always needed manual transmission gears for them to move forward. While in the near future vehicles may require you to keep your legs idle, it is also very likely that you will be required to keep your hands idle too, and I am not talking about self-driving technology. The death of manual transmission is imminent.

Already in the United States, the burgeoning growth of SUVs has accelerated the trend of automatic transmission since they are exclusively fitted with it. In essence, we won’t have any clutch (pun intended) over our vehicles in the near future.

With electric vehicles set to become the norm, a gear box will become irrelevant and unnecessary. Electric vehicles will be perfectly capable of accessing their torque at any time, without you having to downshift to the fourth gear to tap into that extra burst of power required to overtake a slower moving vehicle.

This is one of the reasons why people go gaga over Tesla Ludicrous mode: there is no need for a transmission to change gears. Just squeeze the pedal for an eye-popping burst of speed and when you need to slow down, just apply the brakes.

Not every electric car will be as suave beauty and have the brutal speed of the Tesla Model S though. You could consider a Chevy Bolt if you don’t want the stress of running out of juice.

The reality of the situation is that it SUVs don’t kill the manual transmission, electric vehicles will surely wipe them out. And if that doesn’t work, there’s gridlock for backup.

Motorways aren’t getting any wider. We better get used to non-stop traffic. If you are stuck in a 3 hour traffic jam an automatic transmission is a blessing. Also, there is this thing – people don’t want to know to drive a stick – why make driving more complicated than it already is?

But for those among us, who prefer the precise control of power in a vehicle as it exits a corner in a winding mountain road, manual transmission rules the road. The satisfaction of being able to move forward from a complete stop in San Francisco’s steeply inclined roads without stalling, is a badge of honor and an important part of the experience of driving.

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