Motorola to rack up its mods for the Moto Z

The world’s only smartphone which provides you with upgrade options, including better a battery pack, better lenses, better speakers. While practicality has been the name of the game, upcoming mods promise to be useful in a wide variety of consumer segments.

With Motorola’s Moto Z, the company has taken owning a smartphone to a whole new level.

Having purchased the smartphone, you realised you could do with bigger batteries. Thanks to its modular approach, you could do just that. You can now add a 3,000mAh Mophie JuicePack, which can be charged independently with a USB Type-C port, for a cool $80.

With the holidays now upon us, that road trip that you were looking forward to, can be made with you all juiced-up. To enable in car charging, Motorola has teamed up with Incipio for a $65 car dock. The dock can be used to automatically launch apps like Android Auto.

These new docks are very cool and although such concepts have been explored in the past, they are still relevant today because of improved capacity, better and faster charging and because they are hugely practical.

To keep the wacky fun factor on though, and create a niche for itself and provide a different experience from other mobile manufacturers, Motorola has decided to nurture mod development.

Last month, it partnered with IndieGoGo to solicit ideas from ardent nerds. So far the company has received 380 pitches, ranging from game controllers to YotaPhone-style e-ink displays, to a “mood” case which, as you guessed, changes colours according to your mood.

Participants with the best ideas will move on to subsequent rounds of judging, ending in a Shark Tank styled event.

Motorola’s first public hackathon is scheduled to take place in New York this month, and going by its previous two internal events, it could potentially throw up some cool wacky mods that you just can’t live without, although you don’t know about them yet.

Case in point: a recent hackathon by Motorola brought out a breathalyzer mod and one, which expecting couples will love, which can potential alert parents on the status of their babies.


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