U.S. Department of Justice releases final draft for smart guns

The government has left the standard open for incorporating innovation in this technology.

Way back in June this year, the U.S. Department of Justice had proposed a list of specifications for smart guns, as a way forward to bring safety technology into pistols.

Among the measures proposed were a slew of fail safe countermeasures, including requirements for replaceable/rechargeable batteries. The government has now released an official version of this draft.

The final guidelines of the draft propose that pistols should have security devices plugged in into them such that their firing mechanism can be disabled when they are not in control of an unauthorised user.

These security features cannot be an optional, they will necessarily have to be a permanent part of the weapon. In addition to these, the guns will also have to have external verification accessories such as tokens, wristbands or rings.

Most of the guidelines however are not just about gun safety technology. They are about smart features. For example, if a smart gun malfunctions, the weapon should unlock by default.

If this sounds lax, it’s meant to be: The Department of Justice has left the standard open to spur growth in the gun safety technology without limiting innovation in the upcoming standard.


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