Alphabet’s smart contact lenses faces technical hurdles, testing delayed

Since these hurdles are highly complex, they will take some time before Novartis and Alphabet can overcome them.

If you were hoping to buy Alphabet’s new smart contact lenses this year, you will have to be a little more patient since the project has run into a little hurdle: its partner, Novartis has stated its inability to meet Alphabet’s goal of testing its technology sometime this year.

According to a spokeswoman from Novartis, it’s “too early to say” when trials will begin.

Testing for Alphabet’s other lens, which can monitor blood sugar levels, has also met some resistance: it’s uncertain when testing for the lens will begin.

Novartis has stated that the setback is because of a “very technically complex process” where both companies are “learning as [they] go along.”

Considering that both of these projects were considered as long term bets on the future of health care, the fact that they have to overcome complex technical hurdles is not surprising.

It will take some more times, (think in years), before these smart contact lenses will reach your eyes.


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