VRC’s Shun’X has the potential to revolutionise the 3D scanning business

Not only is VRC’s solution more precise, it can also render the scan in under 2 minutes. Airports, gaming business and fashion houses could significantly benefit from this technology.

These days, 3D scanners come in all shapes and sizes with the bigger one commanding a heftier price tag. While earlier full body scanning solutions needed at least 12 to 14 seconds for scanning, VRC a Japanese start-up has reduced those precious seconds to just 4 seconds.

Imagine waiting for 12 to 14 seconds in the airport while the scanner does its job, not only does it add to passenger waiting time it is also very frustrating. Luckily, however, VRC’s Shun’X can scan your entire body in just 4 seconds. Moreover it uses just 6 square meters of space as opposed to 9 to 11 meters used by typical body scanners.

The Shun’X is fitted with 8 Nikon DSLRs and an ASUS Xtion Pro Live depth camera. They are split into two pillar with another 4 cameras mounted with high-performance LEDs. The entire setup spins around a person.

According to VRC’s CEO, Yingdi Xie, who has spent more than 10 years researching this technology in Japan prior to his forming VRC, this combination of DSLRs and depth cameras make for an ideal system. It’s more precise than its others.

Once the cameras have taken their picture, VRC’s custom software goes to work and churns out a render within 2 minutes.

Other competitors make extensive use of cloud services, so as to subsidize the cost of the hardware, but take up considerable amount of time.

Although Xie did not disclose the price for his solution, he did drop a hint that only the price of the DSLRs could set you back by around $150,000. The Shun’X is aiming to cut that price by at least 50%.

According to Xie, due to the Shun’X’s higher throughput a vendor could charge just $10 for a full scan. In comparison, Artec’s “Optimal” business package charges each $20 for every scan.

VRC has only begun deploying its solution. It’s too early to state whether Shun’X will become the next big thing in the 3D scanning market.

One thing is sure though, digital content creators, including fashion houses and gaming businesses, will greatly benefit from this high-precision snappy rendering solution.

3D printing studios may also want in on it, although they would benefit more for a faster 3D printing solution.


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