Fisker’s graphene battery tech could provide a 400 mile range to vehicles on a single charge

Henrik Fisker has once again given tall claims and is short on facts and figures. Let’s hope his battery tech is a breakthrough.

With the automobile industry heating up, it isn’t surprising to see Henrik Fisker back in the news. Fisker Inc. (different from Karma Revero) is the latest venture from this talented designer.

Bloomberg has reported that his electric sports car will be able to cover 400 miles on a single charge.

“It will definitely be something that when you see it, it will look completely different,” said Henrik Fisker to Bloomberg. “It will be sporty and spacious.”

With just about every significant competitor wanting to compete with Tesla’s Model S,  Fisker didn’t want to be left out. He described his latest venture as a spiritual successor to the 2012 Karma.

He stated that his company plans on launching a mass market model for under $40,000 in the near future. Doesn’t all this ring a bell?

Fisker currently produces its own batteries. According to a Reuters report, Fisker will make use of graphene in his batteries to deliver those astounding claims.

Although the batteries will not be lithium-ion, they will still have some lithium in them. According to Fisker, his company’s future lies in selling this battery tech to other manufacturers.

“If you want to reach true mass-market potential, we need probably, eventually, an OEM,” said Fisker. “We are having very superficial discussions right now with a couple of them.”

As for Tesla, it depends on Panasonic for its battery technology. The duo have partnered for manufacturing batteries in Tesla’s Gigafactory.


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