Microsoft and artificial intelligence make Office 365 spectacularly brilliant

Microsoft has delved deeper into machine learning algorithms in Office 365 than ever before.

Microsoft isn’t happy tinkering with artificial intelligence in voice assistants and bots, it is investing them in its most lucrative product – Office 365.

Redmond has now revealed the extent to which the AI can automate tasks in its cloud based Office 365.

Case in point: if you were to tap for Word, Outlook will quickly fish out the relevant content from your company so that you can complete the task at hand. Sway and PowerPoint will feature a QuickStarter wherein you will be presented with curated outliners for your given topic, thus saving you the trouble of creating a presentation from scratch. Excel can turn your raw geographic data into Bing-based maps.

Although Microsoft has slowly started introducing these features in its products as of now, you will have to wait till the end of this year, to have Excel and PowerPoint do their magic for you.

As if that wasn’t enough, Microsoft wants you to succeed in delivering your sales pitch as well: Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s sales service, will use AI based algorithms to bring up relevant data to help you point your sales report in the right direction.

In fact, Microsoft is even using artificial intelligence in its U.S. call centres to help staff answer your questions.

While a lot of the AI is done behind your back to make your life more easy and comfortable, it’s so ubiquitous you may not even notice it. Machine learning is clearly one aspect that Microsoft sees as useful in tomorrow’s computing world.


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