Google’s Chromecast Ultra could set you back by $69

If you want 4K casting capabilities the Chromecast Ultra is your baby. More details will follow on October 4.

The likelihood of a 4K-capable Chromecast dongle got more real with Evan Blass, who has the unique knack of accurately putting leaks, posting an image of what is believed to be Google’s upcoming Chromecast Ultra.

Although on the face of it, the device isn’t very impressive, but in all things electronics, the inside is what actually count. Naturally more information will flow once Google’s October 4 event gets starting.

In a subtle but significant move, the Chrome logo that used to grace previous Chromecast models has been replaced with a “G?” Significantly, the leaked photos of Google’s latest smartphones – the Pixel smartphones, have the same logo on their back. Clearly the big G is streamlining its hardware branding.

Although previous rumours have suggested that the Chromecast Ultra’s only major selling point will the 4K compliant hardware, more details on this will flow once it is officially launched on October 4.

The Chromecast Ultra is likely to command a premium: it could be double the price of a regular model. Well, if you can afford a 4K television, shelling out $69 for the Ultra is loose change.

But more significantly, this pricing move by Google underlines the fact that it does not want to portray the device as low-cost streaming option. Well, if you want top quality, you have got to pay the price.

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