Retired Brigadier General Gregory Touhill likely to be our first Federal Cyber Security Chief

The position comes in the wake of emerging cyber security threats in the political theatre as well as in the federal government area.

The White House is all set to appoint Retired Air Force Brigadier General Gregory Touhill as the United States’ first federal cyber security chief. Brigadier General Gregory Touhill is likely to oversee the cyber security policy of the entire federal government.

The creation of this position comes in the wake of U.S networks suffering a series of major embarrassing attacks last year.

U.S. President Barrack Obama held talks with his Chinese counterpart on his visit to the U.S. and both countries agreed to respect each other’s trade secrets. Meanwhile the Obama administration made significant efforts to shore up federal cyber security. The result was the creation of a Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity. At the same time he also announced a Cybersecurity National Action Plan, which will be headed by a Federal Chief Information Security Officer who will help protect US systems from future threats. Brigadier General Touhill, is now most likely that man.

The retired general has a pretty impressive resume and fits the role well. Not only does he have a laundry list of cybersecurity management position, he has a history of high-profile IT roles in the Air Force and has served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Cybersecurity and Communications at the Department of Homeland Security.

Significantly, he led a response team in the OPM data breach, which resulted in the leaking of personal information related to 20 million federal employees. He also had a hand in steering the presidential Action Plan that created this new position.

Sources who are familiar with the matter have told Reuters, that the Brigadier Genera Touhill is likely to shoulder this responsibility, later this month.


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