Amazon eyeing push notifications for Amazon Echo

In the near future, Alexa can gently join a conversation with a reminder of an upcoming appointment or a notification.

With Amazon eyeing push notifications for the Amazon Echo, don’t be surprised if Alexa interrupts your conversation at home with important news announcements and traffic notifications.

The efficacy of this service will naturally depend on how the service is set up. If Alexa can be customized by say, time, place and type, you could be happy to know if the mail that you were expecting regarding an event has finally flown in. Similarly, it could also alert you of traffic conditions in relation to your appointments.

This is naturally the bright side. However, if the service is tweeked the other way around, it could very quickly become excessively annoying. For it to work flawlessly, at least in theory it would require a sizeable set of customising tools and permissions. Hope Amazon manages to naviguate this mine field.

It has yet to make any comment on this situation. However, on a personal note, how difficult can it be to cut off Alexa when she becomes obnoxious? All you have got to do is hit the off switch.


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