AMD begins shipping its 7th generation desktop processors

If you are in the market for a new CPU and don’t want to invest in a solar plant for your computing needs, do give AMD’s 7th generation A series CPU a try.

Desktop processors got a shot in the arm with AMD shipping its 7th generation A-series desktop CPUs.

Armed with 4 Excavator cores, these efficient power horses provide crazy performances per watt. According to AMD, its 35- and 65-watt CPUs deliver the kind of speed that previously took over 90 watts.

As per PCMark, AMD’s A12-9800 is as fast as Intel’s Core i5-6500 with double its graphics capabilities, according to 3DMark. Boxes using this CPUs will see a significant boost in integrated video capabilities.

Thanks to its impressive 3DMark score, visual performance naturally gets hiked.

Built on top of a newer DirectX 12 architecture, these brutes tout video decoding of 4K videos in both H.264 and H.265 formats. Your binge watching of Ultra HD movies just got better.

AMD had always a name on the efficiency front. Its speed per wattage is far better than Intel’s processors, but if you are looking for raw performance, Intel’s Core i5 and i7 chips still rule the roost.

This however sets the tone of AMD’s future CPU offering. The 7th generation A-series is the 1st processor based on AMD’s AM4 platform and its supporting interfaces, which by the way includes, NVMe solid-state drives and USB 3.1.

It’s likely that these technologies will be carry forwarded to newer generations of AMD processors.


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