LG discloses its strategy of investment aggressively into robotics

It wouldn’t be surprising to see LG launch robotic home appliance products in the near future.

Although Korean tech giant, LG, has earlier dabbled in robotics, with its vacuum cleaner being a janitor and a security guard, it now appears to be wanting to take the plunge and commit to the long haul.

LG has now said it is “aggressively investing” in robots with its appliance division taking the point.

Although it hasn’t yet given us a timetable, the company has disclosed that it plans on making devices that will work collaborate with appliances such as washing machines and air-conditioners.

It is also considering dabbling into self-driving cars and into artificial intelligence.

Without divulging any further information, LG has hinted at a significant change in its outlook on general electronics and its focus on robotics.

To begin with, it’s very likely that LG will initially limit its experiments with robotics into consumer products such as vacuum cleaners before it delves into other areas of consumer electronics.

This disclosure of its strategic shift suggests that it has products lined up for launch in the near future.

While we wait for them to be launched, here’s a thought: will the rise of the robots be through the route of home appliances?


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