USDA researchers create next gen packaging material

Not only is this tech better at preserving food, it’s edible and more efficient too. If only companies wake up and adopt it widely.

Although the containers that you buy in your grocery store can be recycled, the thin film that is typically found stretched over meat cant. Thing is its not even very good at keeping food unspoiled.

Plastic was considered as a champion for keeping food fresh, but since it became increasingly clear that spooling all of that synthetic packaging is going to have a gigantic ecological footprint, researchers deepened their study on finding green methods of preserving food.

Researchers from the U.S. Department of Agriculture have now pioneered a more elegant and more importantly efficient solution … that is made out of milk.

Not only is their version bio-degradable, it is edible too. In fact, it is 500 times better at keeping oxygen out than the current starch-based version.

Much to their surprise, researchers have discovered that casein, a milk based protein, can be combined in powdered form, with water so as to form the basis of this new packaging material.

They have added citrus pectin to enable the film to resist humidity and high temperatures and glycerol, to soften it up, and have in fact creating a new wrapping standard which has vitamins. To boot, the film can be even flavoured to taste.

As and when this packaging method sees reality, just imagine immersing this kind of a packaging of soup or coffee in lukewarm water, instead of tearing it open and throwing away the packaging. Isn’t it more elegant?

This wrapping technology can also be used in products which are typically used only once, including Twinkies and shrink-wrapped pizzas.

According to Bloomberg, unless companies take the initiative to fast track this new material into their products, it could take years for USDA researchers to bring it to the public.

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