Android 7.0, Nougat, has been released today

Yes, it is definitely worth the upgrade.

In the past, Google has released new versions of android alongside the launch of a new Nexus smartphone. This time it has chosen to break away from that tradition.

Google’s latest version of Android, Nougat, will be released today OTA. The update will be available to all users of Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9 and Pixel C tablets.

Nougat will also be available to the Nexus Player, a set-top box and the Android One smartphone.

Those who are using Android 7.0 open beta may not notice much of a difference since Google had rolled out a stable version at its I/O conference back in May. That has served as a solid template for the final version which is coming out today.

The new changes in today’s version include a multi-tasking mode and new notifications. The latter are now grouped by app in the notification shade. Just like in iOS, any app’s alert can now be accessed directly from the notification.

As for the multitasking mode – its impact is likely to be felt more on tablets when on smartphones because of the bigger screen.

Nougat has also introduced a whole bunch of customisations through which you can personalize the OS. This includes a menu to quickly access the settings on your phone, things that you access the most can now be customized, double-tapping the multitasking button switches you between the two more recent apps you’ve used.

Furthermore, the doze mode has got more intelligent, earlier if you were moving around it would wake up from this mode, which in turn would drink up your juice; however now even if you are moving around with the phone in your pocket, for example, the doze mode is smart enough to remain in low-energy mode.

For those who have fidgety fingers, Nougat has introduced 72 new emoji.

For those whose smartphones haven’t been listed above, in classic Google fashion, the company has reported that the update could be available “in the coming weeks.”


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