Microsoft’s testing Project Sonoma, an app for shift-workers

It’s a closed loop testing at the moment, but if you want in, do sign up for the waiting list.

HipChat and Slack are popular apps for the office crowd, but what if you happen to be a shift worker who needs to swap hours? Is there an app for that? Sure, there is Skype for Business and GroupMe. But more is better – right?

You are obviously right, because Microsoft also agrees with your thinking. It is in the process of testing Project Sonoma, an app that is designed to help shift-workers track their daily grind. Its currently limited to a few users for now, but once its ready Microsoft will make it available for iOS and Android.

Microsoft is keeping its cards close to its chest and has yet to provide a release date for Project Sonoma.

You need not wait, for it to be released: in case you want in, you can sign up and join the waiting list. TechCrunch suspects that Project Sonoma could be pretty similar to Shiftr.

According to Microsoft, Project Sonoma was built “from the ground up” by a Microsoft team.

“Project Sonoma is an app we are testing with a limited group of customers that lets employees view and manage their work shifts from their phone. People whose company has signed up to participate during the testing phase can install and use the app. We are not disclosing the names or number of companies participating in the test.

“We’re always building and incubating new solutions to help people get more done, and we don’t have any availability timelines or details to share at this time. We can confirm that Project Sonoma has been developed internally by Microsoft from the ground up and is not based on an acquisition.”


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