Iraq’s Alrobot to be deployed against ISIS

Two brothers are said to have built the car-sized tank-like robot which can be controlled from a mile away.

The Baghdad Post has reported that Iraq has built an armed robotic vehicle which could be used to take back a town occupied by ISIS.

Defense One has translated the story and has reported that the car-sized tank-like robot is equipped with a rocket launcher and a machine gun. Four cameras that are mounted on it enable its operators to have a large field of vision. Its operation can be controlled from more than a kilometer away.

This naturally means that although the operator will have to be situated on the battlefield, the person can however remain hidden and be safe while the robot does the job of mowing down the enemy.

It’s not yet clear who built this robot, which has been nicknamed “Alrobot”, which is Arabic for robot. Baghdad post has credited two brothers for their efforts but has not disclosed their names nor their affiliations.

Meanwhile a tweet has said the vehicle was presented at a defense exhibit in Baghdad 6 months ago. The tweet shows a photo of the vehicle in the event.

With details of the Alrobot being scarce, speculation is rife as to how Iraqi forces will deploy the weapon in the war against ISIS.

According to Elliot Zweig, deputy director of the Middle East Media Research Institute, the video provided by Baghdad Post discloses how the robot will be deployed to retake Mosul, an Iraqi city which has been occupied by ISIS since 2014.


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