Obama Administration to elevate the role of Cyber Command

Just as boots on the ground are important, a strong agile online presence could be key to resolving future conflicts.

With the emergence of online threats looming into prominence, the United States military has begun treating cyberspace as part and parcel of its combat operations.

The Obama administration is now planning to elevate the involvement of Cyber Command and capitalise its strength into a “unified command”. This strategy of using the intellect of its internet heroes could be key in sections like Pacific Command.

This proposed shuffle will detach Cyber Command from the NSA thus giving it more room to use its offensive and defensive capabilities. This move is however facing some hurdles as an unnamed official as told Reuters that the collaboration between Cyber Command and the NSA is “critical to national security.”

Military leaders are supposedly annoyed at the sluggish pace of campaign Cyber Command has been waging against ISIS. They have already created a task force that is closely linked to Central Command which will improve Cyber Command’s performance metrics.

It’s likely that an independent Cyber Command would not only get access to better resources but be more effective as well.

The strategic move only underlines the fact that online warfare is no more a side project – it could be the key component in winning a conflict if not a war.


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