Yahoo does the impossible – recovers deleted drafts from a UK Drug trafficking convict

It’s “impossible” since it goes against its own policies. Yahoo has clarified saying it has done so using a proprietary tool.

In a series of goof-ups, Yahoo has managed to recover an e-mail that was deleted which supposedly impossible is impossible to retrieve.

The matter has taken a serious tone with a judge granting a trial motion ordering Yahoo to explain how it managed to recover the e-mail from Russel Knaggs, a drug trafficking convict from UK.

Yahoo will have to know explain how it dealt with Knaggs’ e-mail account and detail how it managed to grab six months of draft messages, which as per its own policies, should be impossible. It will have to provide both, a relevant witness and documents to corroborate its arguments in court by August 31.

Yahoo has maintained that it has relied on a “proprietary tool” which scoops up auto-saved drafts while denying it has had access to government surveillance tools to collect the information.

Unfortunately, some of its own staffers have allegedly contradicted themselves with their earlier explanation of what happened.

This will now be Verizon’s baggage to carry.


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