NHTSA gives the go ahead to Autopilot technology

The car business cannot afford to wait for the perfect technology – NHTSA.

In a move that could sooth ruffled feathers in the wake of Tesla’s crash and questions being raised on the future of autonomous automated driving technology, Mark Rosekind  from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has disclosed, at an event, that he nor other regulators plan on putting the brakes on the future of autonomous automated vehicles.

The car business “cannot wait for perfect” technology to arrive before it is widely adopted. Furthermore, Tesla’s crash is still being investigated by the

NHTSA, and there is no reason to change the course of the technology, at this juncture.

This could be a relief for Tesla, since the NHTSA’s statement suggests that it will not face significant regulatory battles with the NHTSA.

Furthermore, as a general rule, autonomous driving technology saves lives. Elon Musk largely shares Rosekind’s point of view on this matter. There is evidence to support this point of view too.

As long as Autopilot technology from different vendors don’t create a spate of incidents, delays in adopting the technology is likely to come mostly from the companies manufacturing the cars themselves.

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