Swiss students design electric car which sets new world record

Named as the Grimsel, the electric car can burn up tarmac at 62MPH in just 1.5 seconds.

Although electric cars could ultimately save the environment and ensure our continued dominance on this planet, no once has thought of electric cars as vehicles designed for speed. That has always been reserved for its gas-guzzling cousins. Until now.

New age electric cars are not only zippy but are also energy efficient and can operate at high torque. Although you may not have come across one on the road, but you are likely to do so in the near future. Students from Switzerland, have shattered the world record for acceleration for electric vehicles thanks to Grimsel, an experimental car they designed that can hit 62MPH in just 1.513 seconds. They have managed to beat the previous world record by more than two-tenths of a second.

This marks a significant milestone in the development of electric vehicles.

Grimsel has achieved this remarkable feat by using the right kind of engine technology and complementing it with a light body. Although its four wheel hub motors produce only 200HP, they however produce 1,254 foot-pounds of torque. Naturally, the car’s carbon fiber body weighing at only 370 pounds is a big help. Not only is Grimsel easy to move and maneuver, its per-wheel traction also plays a big role in effectively controlling its power.

It isn’t clear whether the Grimsel will ever be able to compete in full-fledged car racing competitions. Nevertheless, the developments bodes well for the future of Formula E, as the Grimsel has amply shown that there is still great room for improvements.

Checkout this video of the Grimsel in action.


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