Google wants to teach you how to code Android Apps for free

If you want to learn how to code for Android, but are clueless about coding, join in and check it out. It’s free for a week. For the first 50 people who complete the course, Google is even ready with scholarships.

Although learning to code Android Apps is far from easy, but if you are the type who googles for tutorials and likes to sign up for classes at your local college, Google has an answer to your coding prayers.

Google has announced the launch of Android Basics, a nanodegree that you could check out for a week for free at Udacity wherein Google’s coding gurus will teach you how to code even if you are a total newbie.

Google’s online course aims to guide you far enough with Android Studio that by the end of the course you will have an “entire portfolio” of apps, which albeit may not be very ‘kewl’ as Instagram, however you certainly are likely to feel more comfortable in your new found coding environment.

During the course, if you catch on and start to fly, do consider paying for coaching and career counselling sessions. Google can also help you to move on to a Career-track Android nanodegree.

If you feel it’s your calling and if you are among the first fifty to finish the course, Google is even ready to provide you with a scholarship for that nanodegree. Before you start thinking that Google is throwing away money out of sheer generosity, do note that it is doing this in order to foster the next big thing in Android. If you see yourself as part of that future, jump in.

Although many companies provide you with free tools to get you on board, it is rare that they will shower such generosity to total newbies.


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