AT&T removes data caps with a catch

Be prepared to ditch your good old TV set.

Although AT&T has capped data transfers on its internet services for years, they could come off with a catch: you have got to be fiercely loyal to the company.

From May 23 onwards, the telecom giant is re-introducing unlimited data transfers free of charge. The catch is in order to get it you also have to subscribe to its DirecTV or U-verse TV on the same bill. If you are headstrong in cutting the cord, do note that it will set you back by $30, extra.

Naturally, this does not mean that if you are an internet-only customer, AT&T will be throwing you under the bus. What it does mean, however, is that with U-verse increasing its caps all over the board, it makes sense if you jump aboard and capitalize on this growing trend.

For consumers under the 6Mbps plans, data caps have been raised from 250GB to around 300GB. While for the 100Mbps crowd the data cap of 500GB is lifted to 1TB.

However, if even that isn’t enough, you can pay a mere $10 for every 50GB that you need over your data cap limit. Do note however, the first two instances of overuse will be waived by AT&T.

As per AT&T, most consumers are unlikely to reach those high ceilings, since currently only 4% of its U-verse customers use more.

While the move has been quite generous all is not what it seems. Is this a strategic means to lure consumers away from traditional television sets into internet only streaming services? You need to think about it before making the call.



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