Amazon stops the sale of shoddy USB-C cables

Amazon has banned any USB-C cable that does not comply to specifications issued by ‘USB Implementers Forum Inc.’ However, if you buy one with a shoddy make do report it so that it is no more sold on

A Google engineer’s quest to test the USB-C cables sold on Amazon resulted in a surprise disaster: the shoddy cable fried his gadgets. Thankfully, Amazon noticed and took corrective action against poor quality adapters to prevent more people burning their gadgets.

The person to thank for bringing to light the shoddy USB-C cables that used to sell on Amazon action is Google Engineer Benson Leung. He sacrificed his Chromebook Pixel 2015 for the benefit of all consumers. He has now reported on Google+ that Amazon has officially banned subpar USB type-C cables.

Here’s what Amazon has to say in its banned product list, “Any USB-C (or USB Type-C) cable or adapter product that is not compliant with standard specifications issued by ‘USB Implementers Forum Inc.'”

Which means that offbeat brands which sell cheap substandard faulty cables have not been stopped from selling their wares and making a profit. Before you stop reading product reviews, do note that if you end up owning a defective adapter or one of shoddy make, you should report it to Amazon to get the product booted from the marketplace.


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