Intel Provides Information About Upcoming AI Chips. Signalling Change In Its Strategy

Intel Corp. recently released a few more details about an AI computer processor it intends to release in 2025 as part of a strategic shift to compete with Advanced Micro Devices Inc. and Nvidia Corp.

Intel said that their upcoming “Falcon Shores” chip will contain 288 gigabytes of memory and enable 8-bit floating point processing on Monday at a supercomputing conference in Germany. These technical requirements are crucial since firms are searching for more potent chips to fuel artificial intelligence models that have grown in size and are similar to services like ChatGPT.

The information is also among the earliest to emerge as Intel changes its approach to keep up with Nvidia, which dominates the market for AI chips, and AMD, which is anticipated to challenge Nvidia’s dominance with a chip dubbed the MI300.

Contrarily, Intel has virtually no market share since its Ponte Vecchio processor, a potential rival to Nvidia, has been plagued by years of delays.

The Ponte Vecchio-based Aurora supercomputer at Argonne National Lab, whose shipments are almost complete, according to Intel, performs better than Nvidia’s newest AI chip, the H100.

However, the Falcon Shores successor chip from Intel won’t be available until 2025, by which time Nvidia is expected to have released another CPU.

The company is taking its time to rebuild the chip after abandoning its previous plan of merging graphics processing units (GPUs) with its central processing units (CPUs), according to Jeff McVeigh, corporate vice president of Intel’s super compute group.

“While we aspire to have the best CPU and the best GPU in the market, it was hard to say that one vendor at one time was going to have the best combination of those,” McVeigh told Reuters. “If you have discrete offerings, that allows you at the platform level to choose both between the ratio as well as the vendors.”

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