Kellogg Purchases A Critical Elements From Conflict-Torn Sudan, But There Is No Scarcity Currently’

Kellogg Co has a steady supply of a critical component used in its Pop Tarts breakfast pastries that it sources from war-torn Sudan, according to CEO Steve Cahillane in an interview with Reuters on Thursday.

Cahillane stated that the US food maker saw no risk to its “safety stock” of the binding ingredient gum arabic as competing military commanders clashed in the African country.

According to Reuters, when clashes between Sudan’s army and a paramilitary force disrupted commerce of gum arabic, several confectionery, food, and soft drink makers, including PepsiCo Inc, stockpiled months of supply due to political insecurity in the region.

“We work with suppliers that source from Sudan and other locations in the ‘gum belt’ of Africa,” Cahillane said, adding that the cereal-maker looks for “redundancy of supply,” or back-ups, for the ingredient.

“We have inventory builds and different locations and different routes to extract ingredients when ports might be closed and routes might be unsafe.”

Cupcake with frosted confetti from Kellogg’s Gum arabic is used in Pop Tarts and Morningstar Farms spicy black bean vegetarian burgers. Bear Naked chewy peanut butter and honey granola bits, also created by Kellogg, include acacia gum, which is another name for gum arabic.

In an email, a spokesman stated that Kellogg was a tiny user of gum arabic, but no further information was provided.

The gum belt of Africa runs from Somalia to Nigeria, albeit the quality of the component varies by region. The ideal substance can only be obtained in Sudan, South Sudan, and Chad.

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