Chegg Study Buddy To Be Powered By ChatGPT’s AI As Educators Struggle With Technology

More children will now have access to the artificial intelligence that powers ChatGPT, the homework-drafting chatbot that some schools have forbidden. Chegg Inc.

CEO Dan Rosensweig told Reuters last week that the American manufacturer of educational software has created CheggMate, a study aid specifically designed for students, by combining its corpus of quiz answers with the GPT-4 chatbot’s AI model.

“It’s a tutor in your pocket,” he said ahead of its announcement of CheggMate on Monday.

According to Rosensweig, the program will adapt to students by analyzing information about the classes they are taking and the exam topics they missed, personalizing practice exams, and providing study guidance in a way that generalist tools like ChatGPT cannot. According to Chegg, it will be accessible for free starting next month.

The release is set to expand student use of AI at a time when educators are debating its effects. Since ChatGPT was introduced last year, students have submitted assignments that have been logically written by the chatbot, allowing some to skip class and putting professors under pressure to check their honesty.

According to the Los Angeles Unified School District, ChatGPT has been disabled on its devices and networks while other organizations, like France’s Sciences Po, have banned it due to concerns that it plagiarized sources. Still some educators have supported the use of ChatGPT, if revealed, for activities like critiquing.

Chegg, according to Rosensweig, concentrates on math and the sciences rather than the essay writing that has been a problem in schools. Additionally, it enables teachers to limit the evaluation of solutions to questions from recent tests.

Since AI models predict what to say next without having a firm knowledge of the facts, accuracy continues to be a challenge. Rosensweig claimed that Chegg has organized and verified its responses to guarantee accuracy.

When asked if AI might cause Chegg to reduce the 150,000 specialists who already contribute to its material, he responded that the company already balances humans and technology. According to him, CheggMate’s content cost will probably go down while its profitability rises over time.

Analysts have recently questioned Chegg’s ability to expand its 8 million member base as students increasingly use the mostly free ChatGPT software, developed by the firm OpenAI. As of Friday, Chegg’s shares has lost 28% of its value for the year, giving it a market value of roughly $2.3 billion.

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, stated in a press release on Monday that the company was excited to join with Chegg to “improve the way people around the world learn.”

According to Rosensweig, Chegg’s secret data demonstrated its applicability. That is the reason they are cooperating with us, he continued.

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