Apple CEO Cook Visits Beijing, Hails China’s Ingenuity And Long History Of Cooperation 

According to local media sources, Apple CEO Tim Cook praised China for its quick innovation and its long relationships with the American iPhone maker in his first public statements on Saturday while on a visit there.

Cook is in Beijing for the China Development Forum, a government-sponsored gathering that has resumed in full force since the nation eased Covid regulations in late 2017.

Senior government leaders, CEOs of companies like Pfizer and BHP, and Cook are all present at the event.

“Innovation is developing rapidly in China and I believe it will further accelerate,” Cook was quoted by The Paper news outlet as saying.

His visit coincides with escalating tensions between Beijing and Washington as well as Apple’s efforts to shift production to new, emerging markets like India and lessen its reliance on China in its supply chain.

Foxconn, an Apple supplier, had significant production disruptions at the largest iPhone manufacturing in the world last year as a result of worker dissatisfaction sparked by China’s zero-Covid regulations.

On Friday, Cook also went to an Apple Store in Beijing, where he was seen on camera.

According to local media sources, Cook also spoke on education and the need for young people to develop critical thinking skills through programming while announcing Apple’s intention to expand funding for its rural education program to 100 million yuan.

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