Musk Claims Higher-Priced Twitter Subscriptions Will Not Include Any Advertisements

The new owner of Twitter – Elon Musk, said in a tweet ion Saturday that there will be no advertisements for the users of a higher priced subscription of the social media platform.

According to the tweet from the billionaire, ads are “too frequent on Twitter and too big,” and added that appropriate measures will be undertaken in the coming weeks and months to take care of those issues.

There was no comment on the issues from Twitter.

Selling of digital ads on its platforms accounts for about 90% of the total revenues generated by Twitter, and in a recent comment made by Musk, a number of rights organizations that have managed to impose pressure on large brands for halting their ad spends on Twitter was the cause of a “massive drop in revenue” the latest quarter after Musk took control of the social media company.

Prior to this, Musk had announced in December last year that half the number of advertisements previously shown out be carried by Twitter’s Basic blue tick, and added that a still higher tier of paid subscriptions on the platform that will not have any advertisements would be launched by the company in 2023.

On the other hand, Musk said in a separate Tweet on Saturday that the company currently has about 2,300 active employees.

According to a CNBC report on Friday, the total number of full time active and working employees at Twitter had reduced to about 1,300 which included less than   550 full-time engineers according to job titles, the report claimed.

The report also claimed, citing internal records, that almost 75% of the 1,300 full time employees of the company were currently on leave which included about 40 engineers

“The note is incorrect. There are about 2300 active, working employees at Twitter,” billionaire Musk tweeted in a response to a tweet quoting CNBC.

“There are still hundreds of employees working on trust & safety, along with several thousand contractors,” Musk added.

Musk took control of Twitter in October last year and has since implemented a slew of changes in the product offered by the company as well as in the organizational structure. The firm launched the Twitter-verified Blue check-mark as a paid service while also laying off roughly half of its workforce.

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