Apple Is Expected To Announce The ‘Reality Pro’ VR Headset This Spring And Ship It In The Fall

According to Bloomberg, Apple will unveil its highly anticipated mixed reality headset this spring, with consumer deliveries beginning in fall 2023.

The report follows Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s comments last week, in which he stated that software development and mechanical component issues had forced Apple to push shipment to the second half of 2023. Kuo also predicted that Apple would unveil its headset in the spring or at the company’s developer event, which is usually held in June.

According to Bloomberg, Apple’s anticipated headset will run on a new operating system called xrOS, and Apple has already granted access to the platform to a select group of software developers.

According to the report, the headset will be called Reality Pro. Apple applies the “Pro” suffix to its higher-end, power-user-focused product lines.

Apple has already experimented with mixed, virtual, and augmented reality on its iPhone and iPad operating systems, iOS and iPadOS. Apple’s software enables businesses and developers to allow users to do everything from try on glasses to model furniture purchases in their own homes.

Apple’s mixed reality offering will be distinct from Meta’s Quest line, which is entirely virtual reality. Instead of completely replacing a user’s environment with a computer-generated view, mixed reality augments it.

According to the report, Apple has focused its efforts on the headset, and as a result, many of the company’s other products, such as its MacBooks, Watch, TV, and iPads, will receive relatively minor updates this year.

Apple did not respond immediately to a request for comment. (Adapted from


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