Twitter Alternatives That Users Are Now Moving Onto 

Elon Musk started making changes to the social media platform after buying Twitter Inc. for $44 billion. These changes have irritated some users, prompting them to look for alternatives.

Musk’s decision to charge for user verification and his thoughts on content moderation are among the changes.

Here are some websites that can be used as Twitter substitutes:


Mastodon, an open source program for a decentralized social network that was introduced in 2016, has a number of features that are comparable to those of Twitter.

It has a 500-character limit, no advertisements, and personalized emojis.

Mastodon’s CEO, Eugen Rochko, announced on Monday that the service has more than a million active users on a monthly basis and has gained nearly 500,000 users since October 27.


Cohost is a social media site without ads. Similar to Twitter, the platform’s posts appear in a vertical timeline.

The business claimed it would charge “a few bucks a month,” accept tips, and soon start selling subscriptions.


Truth Social, a platform favored by conservatives and founded by former U.S. President Donald Trump, has just been released on Google- and Apple-owned iOS.

Users in the US are the only ones who can use Truth Social.


It calls itself a “grassroots social network” and is accessible on Android and the Apple App Store.

According to the platform, users can find subject-matter experts and target audiences to increase post engagement.


Nashville-based Conservative Americans like Parler, a company that has agreed to sell itself to the rapper formerly known as Kanye West.

Since its launch in 2018, Parler has gained popularity among users who object to the rules of Meta Platform Inc’s (META.O) Facebook and Twitter.


A social media platform called Tumblr was introduced in 2007 and enables users to post lengthy blog-style content with media elements like images and GIFs.

In a manner similar to Twitter’s direct messaging feature, it also enables users to chat with one another.


At the height of the pandemic, the website hosting live audio chatrooms saw a surge in popularity.

In what the app refers to as “Rooms,” users can start audio chatrooms and discuss topics of interest with people from all over the world.

Users are not only allowed access to the platform by invitation.

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