Tesla Battery-Electric Vehicles Registered The Highest In Germany, Beats Volkswagen

According to federal data, Tesla topped registrations of battery-electric vehicles in Germany in the first nine months of this year, with nearly 38,500 vehicles, beating the Volkswagen brand by around 6,000 vehicles.

Tesla’s battery-electric registrations increased nearly 50% from January to September of last year, while Volkswagen’s dropped 40% to just over 32,300, in line with a drop across most Volkswagen Group brands in Europe’s largest car market. According to data from the federal motor transport authority, only Audi and Seat saw an increase in the number of battery-electric cars registered in Germany among Volkswagen Group brands.

Total deliveries of Volkswagen Group’s battery-electric vehicles increased 25 per cent year on year in January-September, according to figures released last week.

However, supply chain bottlenecks have particularly hurt the automaker in Europe, where inflation and rising energy costs are also weighing on demand.

Volkswagen Group vehicle deliveries globally fell 12.9% this year across all vehicle types – combustion engine, hybrid, and battery-electric – the carmaker reported last week, with Europe being the hardest hit region.

“The tense situation of component supply has repeatedly led to adjustments in production. We expect a stabilisation of supply over the course of the coming year,” a Volkswagen spokesperson said of the data.

Tesla has witnessed record global deliveries, but has also faced logistical challenges, delivering less than analysts expected in the third quarter.

(Adapted from Latestly.com)


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