Number Of Afghan Refugees Intended To Be Temporarily Housed By It Doubled By Airbnb

Airbnb said on Thursday that it plans to house an extra 20,000 Afghan refugees, increasing the total number to 40,000.

The charity arm of the home-sharing website offered to house 20,000 migrants last month. Airbnb, on the other hand, stated in a recent blog post that it will have “the potential to go above and beyond” the initial pledge.

“If demand for housing aligns with supply in communities where refugees are resettling, these new resources could help provide housing for an additional 20,000 Afghan refugees,” the company said.

The refugee stays are being sponsored by contributions to from Airbnb and Airbnb CEO and co-founder Brian Chesky, as well as contributors to the Refugee Fund, according to the firm.

Airbnb has not indicated how much money it intends to spend on the pledge or how long refugees would be accommodated.

In addition to the stays supported by, the business reported that 5,000 hosts had already given free or reduced stays to Afghan refugees.

Companies of all sizes rush to express their support for victims during a significant disaster; it’s an opportunity to be philanthropic while also boosting public relations.

Verizon, Walmart, and Texas Medical Technology are among companies who have provided assistance to the 100,000 or so refugees who have fled to the United States since Kabul fell to the Taliban on August 15.

In other news, Amazon said that it will hire refugees in its warehouses and transportation hubs, as well as in IT and business roles.

Airbnb, which is worth approximately $107 billion, frequently offers to cover the cost of emergency lodging. It claims that 75,000 individuals have found shelter in times of distress since 2012.

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