McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys To Not Have Plastic Globally By 2025

McDonald’s Corp announced Tuesday that it will dramatically reduce plastic use in its more than 1 billion toys for children that the company sells worldwide every year by 2025. This new initiative will involve the replacement of a Batman figurine which is currently made from plastic by one that will be made with 12 cardboard pieces that can be assembled by children themselves.

McDonald’s also said that more of its toys will be made from recycled or plant based plastics. These changes will enable the Chicago based global restaurant chain to reduce its use of virgin fossil fuel plastic for Happy Meals by as much as 90 per cent compared to the base usage in 2018.

McDonald’s is just one of the many restaurant chains of the world that are aiming to reduce the environmental impact from the use of plastics in their packaging and other products.

Burger King, a unit from Restaurant Brands International Inc., had announced back in 2019 that it would no longer give out plastic toys to children and that customers can return any that they have.

Stephanie Feldstein, Center for Biological Diversity’s population and sustainability director, said in a statement that if McDonald’s wanted to become more sustainable in its business processes it should “stop nibbling at the edges of sustainability”.

McDonald’s began selling Happy Meals back in 1979. In 2018, McDonald’s switched to toys made from sustainable materials in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Toys made with similar materials and technologies will soon also be made available in more than 100 countries where the company sells its Happy Meals.

Amy Murray, vice-president of global marketing enablement, stated that more toys like this will be available on the U.S. markets in January. She stated that the redesigned Happy Meals franchisees will not be charged more for their services.

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