Chevron Corp plans on selling sustainable aviation fuel to Delta Air Lines

In a statement Chevron Corp and Delta Air Lines said, the former plans on producing a test batch of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and sell the same to Delta Air Lines at the Los Angeles International Airport, as part of a partnership the companies announced with Google to track SAF test batch emissions data using cloud-based technology.

Delta has pledged to replace 10% of its jet fuel with SAF by 2030.

Sustainable aviation fuel is made from feedstocks including used cooking oil and animal fat and can be three or four times more expensive than making traditional jet fuel.

The Biden administration is discussing a target date of 2050 for weaning aircraft off fossil fuels as part of a broader push to fight climate change.

With this project, Chevron aims to produce the SAF at its El Segundo Refinery for Delta and plans on collaborating with Google Cloud to build a framework to analyze the emissions data.

The three companies expect to create a more transparent model for analyzing potential greenhouse gas emissions reductions that could be adopted by organizations considering SAF programs.


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