7 British organizations form consortium to develop solid state batteries for EVs

On Thursday, a group of 7 British organizations including startup Britishvolt, battery materials company Johnson Matthey, and Oxford University said, they had formed a consortium to develop solid-state batteries for electric vehicles.

The group plans on building a facility to develop technologies and prototypes for the mass production of solid-state batteries. The consortium also includes government-funded Faraday Institution, which aims to help UK businesses develop and manufacture EV batteries.

“Delivering enhanced range and safety…will be a key driver for battery electric vehicle adoption, supporting the transition to a net zero future,” said Christian Gunther, head of battery materials at Johnson Matthey.

A number of manufacturers, including BMW AG and Ford Motor Co, are researching and are investing in solid-state battery technology, which should be able to store more energy, thus increase the vehicle milerange, and prove safer since there are less flammable components.

Britishvolt plans on building a battery factory in northern England which should start operations in 2023. The plant is slated to be built in three phases with the last phase scheduled for completion by 2027.

Earlier this week Britishvolt and Glencore signed a long-term deal for the supply of cobalt.

Mining giant Glencore bought an undisclosed stake in the Britishvolt.


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