Hackers accessed data of 7.8M T-Mobile US Inc postpaid customers

On Wednesday, in a statement T-Mobile US Inc said, following an investigation into a cyberattack on its systems it has found that personal data of around 7.8 million of its current postpaid customers have been compromised.

T-Mobile US was made aware of the attack late last week following a claim in an online forum that personal data of its users have been leaked.

“Data from about 850,000 prepaid customers and more than 40 million records of former or prospective customers were also stolen,” said T-Mobile.

The data accessed by hackers includes customers’ first and last names, date of birth, social security numbers, and driver’s license information, said the company. Currently there are no indications that financial details of its customers have been compromised.

T-Mobile US said, it was confident that the point of entry used by hackers to gain access to its customer data had been closed.


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