EU solar power generation jumps to record high in 2021

In June and July, solar power supply in the European Union jumped to a record high in 2021, and accounted for 10% of the total electricity produced in the region, reads a report by independent climate think-tank Ember on Wednesday.

The EU generated around 39 terawatt hours (TWh) of solar power, up from 10.9 TWh from 2018, showed data from Ember.

New solar power generation records were set by EU member countries including Germany and Spain, said the report.

“There are exciting green shoots in core solar markets where solar is taking off, but overall it is not growing fast enough,” said Charles Moore, an analyst at Ember.

The European Commission has proposed an overhaul of renewable energy rules as part of a package of climate policies, to decide how quickly the bloc must increase the use of natural sources including solar, wind and biomass.

The body has set an interim target for the EU to raise the share of such renewable energy to 40% of final consumption by 2030, up from around 20% in 2019.


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