Data Of 40 Million People Hacked, Acknowledged T-Mobile

Hackers have stolen personal data of more than 40 million former and prospective its customers, including information about social security numbers and driver’s license information, said T-Mobile US Inc on Wednesday, following revelation of the data after an investigation.

Data from 7.8 million existing T-Mobile wireless customers was also among the data that was stolen.

The telecom services provider said that hackers also decamped with data such as dates of birth, first and last names of users. The company added it had not found any indication of te financial details of the users being stolen by the hackers.

The data breach was acknowledged last Sunday by the company which claimed it had 104.8 million customers as of June this year. The data breach was earlier reported by U.S.-based digital media outlet Vice in which it claimed that an offer of sale of some private data, including social security numbers from a breach at T-Mobile servers, was posted on an underground forum by a seller.

There had been a data breach of more than 100 million people, claimed the seller, said the Vice report. Data on 30 million people for 6 bitcoin, or around $270,000 was being offered in the sale by the underground seller.

The selling price of the data had later slumped and the entire set of data was on offer for just $200, later reports claimed.

The reports however did not provide any official confirmation of the forum post.

Since the pandemic hit the working regimen and work from home started, there has been a string of successful hacking attempts and T-Mobile’s data breach is the latest such high-profile cyber-attacks as online hackers took advantage of the cyber security weaknesses caused by the work from home regimen.

$160 million was lost earlier this month by the cryptocurrency platform Poly Network and the company later offered the hacker a reward of $500,000 as “bug bounty”.

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