Twitter appoints resident grievance officer in India

U.S. social media giant Twitter Inc has finally appointed a resident grievance officer for its unit in India days after designating a chief compliance officer to meet the country’s new IT rules.

According to its website, Twitter has appointed Vinay Prakash as its new grievance officer along with his contact details; it has also listed procedures for users to report potential violations of its rules and terms.

The development comes in the wake of Twitter telling an Indian court last week that it would appoint an interim grievance officer to comply with the country’s new IT rules. It said, it plans to have a final appointment for the job in eight weeks.

India’s IT rules, effective from end-May, are aimed at regulating content on social media and make companies act more swiftly on legal requests to remove posts and share details on the originators of messages.

Social media companies, including Twitter, WhatsApp and Amazon have pushed back efforts at regulating posts made on their platform. In recent years, the spread of fake news has become virulent causing social unrest. India’s new IT rules are aimed at making social media companies more responsible for posts on their individual platforms.


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