Subway To Make Major Change In Its Menu With More Spending In Marketing

The biggest restaurant chain of the world kin terms of the number of stores it operates – Subway, is completely revamping its menu while also significantly increasing its investments in marketing with the aim of attracting back customers with its new sandwiches.

The menu changes include a combination of upgraded ingredients and a slew of new, updated and returned sandwiches.  

The changes which have been named by the company as “Eat Fresh Refresh” will be available from July 13 at the chain’s 21,000 restaurants in the United States. The start of the menu, according to the company, is its six-inch Turkey Cali Fresh sub – a new sandwich developed by it.

The restaurant chain started facing tough times after its co-founder Fred DeLuca passed away and the company’s popular spokesman Jared Fogle pleaded guilty to child pornography charges in 2015, amid stiff competition from Chick-fil-A and Popeyes.

The new menu of the company that it will offer to its customers in the United States will include Cali Fresh Turkey and All American Club sandwiches, a range of new ingredients and two types of bread. This, according to analysts, will address the issue of lack of innovation that company has been charged with since long. The success of this change will also critical for cementing the place of the company’s Chief Executive Officer John Chidsey, who was appointed to the post in 2019.

The menu changes also include11 newly improved ingredients – that will encompass upgrades to its signature Italian bread and its Hearty Multigrain bread. Four new sandwiches have been created by the company which will be completed by the return of two others – Roast Beef and Rotisserie Chicken, which the company had removed from its menu last summer in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic hit with the aim of streamlining its operations.  The company has also upgraded another four sandwiches with better ingredients.

Subway executive Trevor Haynes said in an interview that “outdated” items, such as swapping guacamole with smashed avocado, would also be replaced at the company’s restaurants.

Subway is also investing heavily in marketing to support and ensuring the success of the changed menu.

“This is one of the boldest changes in core menu in decades,” said Trevor Haynes, president of North America at the Milford, Conn.-based sandwich giant. “It’s really the beginning of a multi-year journey.”

Subway Delivers—a white-label delivery provided by DoorDash, will also be rolled out by the restaurant chain which can be accessed by customers at the company’s website and app. However for now, the service will only be available at selected area and will be later rolled out throughout the United States, Subway said. This move is among the measures that the company is taking to simplify the digital ordering experience.

These changes in the company are crucial for the company as it comes at a time when more than 5,000 locations have been closed down by its franchisees over the past five years. The brand has also suffered as its operators have walked away from it while there are rumors in the industry of a possible sale.

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