Boeing to purchase Elbit’s anti-jamming system for F15, F15EX

In a statement Boeing said, it will integrate an anti-jamming system developed by Israel’s Elbit Systems into a fleet of F-15 fighter jets which it will sell to a yet-to-be disclosed customer.

“The Immune Satellite Navigation System ensures uninterrupted GPS operation, providing full jamming immunity for multiple satellite channels and can handle multiple interfering signals,” said the company in a statement.

Financial details of the purchase were not disclosed.

Elbit’s system, “will meet the demanding operational requirements of this valued customer, and demonstrates Boeing’s commitment to partner with Israeli industry to advance the capabilities of the F-15 platform,” said Lauren Gramlich, director for international F-15 programs at Boeing.

Israel’s Elbit Systems, a defense electronics specialist, has developed technologies for use in the U.S. F-15 and F-15EX, including a low-profile head up display, digital helmet mounted cueing system, and large area cockpit display.


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