US FAA approves Boeing 737-8200 design

In a significant development, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) stated, it had approved the design for the Boeing 737-8200, which is part of the Boeing 737 MAX series, a step that is necessary before Boeing that can commence the delivery of the jet to Ryanair.

The 737-8200 incorporates all of the design improvements that were part the 20-month review of the 737 MAX that led to the ungrounding of the MAX in November, said the FAA.

Ryanair had ordered the 737-8200 plane, which has a seating capacity of 197 passengers, way back in 2014.

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency will have to approve the aircraft before they can be delivered to Ryanair.

In a statement Boeing said, it would “continue to work with global regulators to safely return the 737-8 and -9 to service. Our teams are also focused on ensuring future members of the 737 family meet all regulatory requirements.”

In December 2020, Ryanair, Europe’s largest airline had said, it had placed a firm order for 75 additional 737 MAX 8200 planes, a higher-passenger capacity version of the 737-8 MAX.

Last week, Ryanair Group’s CEO Michael O’Leary had said, the airline expected to receive 8 Boeing 737-8 MAX aircraft in April, along with another 8 in May.

Ryanair did not immediately respond to requests for comments.


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